Supervision and Consultancy Service

Insider training  provides supervision and consultancy services for staff working with people with mental health needs, including clients or employees.  This can take place on a one to one basis, or in small groups.

How can supervision and consultancy help?

Increasing numbers of community based staff  such as advice workers, housing staff, employment workers, social prescribing staff and community well-being workers are called upon to provide services to people with mental health needs. Yet many have little practical knowledge and experience to draw on. This can leave staff feeling helpless and stressed and with less time to work on their primary tasks.

Our trainers have extensive hands-on experience of working alongside people with mental health problems in a wide variety of settings. We can facilitate staff development by helping them to talk through the practical challenges, reflect on and review their current working methods, provide guidance and advice and gain support for their own well-being.

We view supervision and consultancy as an essential element of self-care and a key component of support offered to staff.

Supervision and consultancy: workplace

Our trainers have extensive experience in supporting individual staff and their managers to generate effective workplace plans that integrate self-care with reasonable adjustments.  We can work with employees and  managers to:

  • Identify effective self-care measures
  • Enhance engagement and good communication
  • Identify useful information on warning signs to look out for and triggers to avoid
  • Identify practical adjustments
  • Draw up a brief plan of action should the employee be in need of further support


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