Suicide and Self-Harm

Course overview:

This one day course will introduce delegates to the essential knowledge and basic skills with which to support people at risk of suicide or self-harm.

Course content:

  • Basic principles of supporting a suicidal person
  • Trends and statistics in suicide and how this information contributes to our understanding of who is at risk and why
  • Three primary risk factors for suicide
  • Associated risk factors
  • How can we assess different levels of suicide risk?
  • Basic risk management of suicidal persons – what actions should we take for different levels of risk and what support can we offer?
  • What is self-harm?
  • Different types of self-harm
  • Why might someone self-harm – causes and functions
  • What is the relationship between suicide and self-harm?
  • The importance of our responses to self-harming persons
  • Support approaches: harm minimization, contingency management and validation
  • Helping to generate alternatives to self-harm

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