Practical Support for Mental Health

Course overview:

This one or two day training follows on from the introductory Mental Health Awareness course and takes a closer look at what help and support others can provide to someone experiencing mental distress. Health and social care staff, friends and family and anyone in the helping professions may benefit from the practical focus of this training.

Course content:

  • What are the basic principles of supporting someone with a mental health condition?
  • The importance of promoting positive mental health
  • Stigma  and the problem of disclosure
  • How to make a brief assessment of risk
  • How to manage the risks that you identify
  • Understanding the pros and cons of medication for mental health conditions
  • Brief review of signs and symptoms of the common conditions – stress, anxiety and depression
  • Practical strategies and ‘first aid’ for anxiety and depression
  • How to use simple Cognitive Behavioural  tools with anxiety and depression
  • What further help and support can you suggest – signposting
  • Brief review of signs and symptoms of bi polar disorder
  • Practical strategies and ‘first aid’ for mania and related mood problems
  • Brief review of signs and symptoms of psychosis
  • Using a psychological approach to understanding psychosis
  • Using the stress vulnerability model to structure helpful support
  • How to communicate effectively and maximise engagement with someone experiencing psychosis
  • Further help and support for bi polar and psychosis – signposting

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