Mindfulness: A Practical Introduction

Course overview

Mindfulness is a current buzzword in mental health yet many people are left wanting more information about its benefits and application. This course is a practical introduction which unpicks the term “mindfulness” and explores how it can be integrated into delegates’ clinical practice and personal lives. Delegates will have the opportunity to undertake a number of practical exercises requiring no prior knowledge. This experiential element will be supported by theory and evidence and result in an action plan for using mindfulness with clients.

By the end of this course delegates should be better able to

  • Identify some of the benefits of and evidence for using mindfulness
  • Describe what the term “mindfulness” encompasses and its origins
  • Recognise where mindfulness is appropriate in practice and be clear about where it is not
  • Apply experiential knowledge to clinical practice
  • Develop a plan for using mindfulness with people with lived experience
  • Signpost colleagues or clients wishing to resources to develop their understanding of mindfulness

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