Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Course overview

This one day course for managers and staff aims to provide practical knowledge and skills for managing mental health and well being in the workplace, including high levels of stress. Delegates will explore the ethical, legal and business case for managing mental health at work, and will learn how to recognise the early signs of stress and distress; they will then focus on a range of practical adjustments and management tools that promote good mental health for all staff and provide effective help for staff in difficulty.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be better able to describe

  • The early signs of mental health problems as they can manifest at work
  • A range of management strategies for supporting a member of staff who is very stressed or who has a mental health condition
  • The legislative and policy-related requirements to manage mental health at work
  • The role of the manager in supporting someone who is struggling at work

Course content

  • Introduction to mental well being at work
  • The early signs that a staff member is struggling
  • Stress, anxiety and depression at work: recognising the causes and the ‘symptoms’
  • Severe mental health problems in the workplace: recognising the causes and the ‘symptoms’ of bi polar disorder and psychosis
  • The legal framework and the duty of care to manage mental health at work
  • The balance of responsibility: the staff member, the manager, the organisation
  • The SHIFT Holistic Model for managing mental health at work
  • The role of the manager and leading by example
  • The importance of early intervention
  • Support and reasonable adjustments
  • Promoting good mental health at work
  • Stigma and the problem of disclosure
  • Managing conversations and meetings about mental distress
  • Supporting staff with mental health problems through performance and sickness management procedures
  • The HSE Management Standards for Workplace Stress
  • How to use a Wellness plan to structure self-care and adjustment support

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