Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

Course overview

This one day course introduces delegates to the topic of bipolar disorder. The course will assist delegates in understanding what this term describes, the different types of bipolar and characteristic ‘signs and symptoms’ of this potentially severe mental health problem. NICE recommended treatment pathways, psychological approaches and the essential tools of self-management and support will be highlighted via case vignettes, service user testimonies and practical exercises.

Learning objectives:

  • Define bipolar and describe the different types
  • Identify signs of mania, hypomania and depression
  • Identify treatment pathways for bipolar disorders
  • Describe recovery-oriented self-care and support options

Course content:

  • What is bipolar?
  • Preconceptions and media portrayal
  • Testimony from those living with bipolar
  • Mania, hypomania and depression explained
  • Different types of bipolar
  • What causes bipolar?
  • NICE recommended treatment pathways
  • Therapeutic approaches
  • Alternative and complimentary therapies
  • Medication issues – wanted and unwanted effects; impact on daily life
  • Do people recover from bipolar?
  • Practical and emotional support for someone living with bipolar
  • Self-care and support tools – what works and how can we make use of these in the support work?


Training methods:

  • Trainer presentations
  • Testimony from those living with bipolar
  • Power point presentations
  • Group discussion
  • Small group work
  • Pairs work
  • Practical exercises
  • Film clips
  • Handouts
  • Resources and recommended reading list

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