All our courses run for a full day, or as a half-day introduction to their subject.  Some can be booked as two-day courses that provide more in-depth learning.  Please contact us for more information.

Asylum Seekers > Mental Health Needs of Refugees and Asylum Seekers: This one day course provides basic knowledge alongside practical skills that will enable staff to identify those in need, engage in a culturally sensitive way, provide basic support and signpost or refer on for further assistance where necessary.George rex

Bipolar Disorder > Introduction to Bipolar Disorder: This one day course introduces delegates to the topic of bipolar disorder.

Boundaries > Confidentiality, Friendship and Disclosure: An Introduction to Boundaries and Professional Good Practice: Takes a practical and realistic view of how to manage professional boundaries and maintain the highest standards of good practice in the support setting.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) > CBT: Introduction to CBT Skills: Essential knowledge, skills and tools of the CBT approach.

Counselling Skills > An Introduction to Counselling Skills: An introduction to counselling skills for application across a wide range of settings. (please contact us for further programme information)

Detention > Mental Health Needs of People in Detention: This one day training is designed specifically for visitors of people being held in detention. We consider issues that may impact on the detainees mental health and how we might recognise these. The course acknowledges the importance of individual and cultural perspectives on mental distress and explores how a visitor might be of practical and emotional help.

Direct Experience of Mental Health Problems > Developing an Online Support Network: This half-day course is for anyone who would like to access mental health support networks/Making Your Experience Count: This one day course is for anyone considering becoming a more involved service user / Writing Your Way Through Mental Distress: This one-day course is for anyone who would like to discover ways of using writing to explore their own experiences of mental distress.

Hearing Voices > Voices, Visions and Unusual Beliefs – An Introduction to Psychosis: This one day course introduces delegates to the topic of voices, visions and unusual beliefs, sometimes known as psychosis.

Mental Health Awareness > An Introduction to Mental Health: This one day course is for anyone who might benefit from an introduction to the topic of mental health and ill health.

Mental Health Awareness: Practical Support > Practical Support for Mental Health: This one or two day training follows on from the introductory Mental Health Awareness course and takes a closer look at what help and support others can provide to someone experiencing mental distress.

Mental Health and Stress at Work > Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work: This one day course for managers and staff aims to provide practical knowledge and skills for managing mental health and well being in the workplace, including high levels of stress.

Motivational Interviewing > Motivational Interviewing: Motivational Interviewing is a person centred, directive approach to helping people develop motivation for change.

Mindfulness > Mindfulness: A Practical Introduction: Mindfulness is a current buzzword in mental health yet many people are left wanting more information about its benefits and application. This course is a practical introduction which unpicks the term “mindfulness” and explores how it can be integrated into delegates’ clinical practice and personal lives.

Personality Disorders > Understanding Personality Disorders: This course aims to bring clarity and practical understanding to anyone supporting a person diagnosed with Personality Disorder.

Risk > Working with Risk and Mental Health: This one or two day course will introduce delegates to concepts of risk associated with mental health difficulties.

Self-Harm > Understanding and Supporting Self-Harm: This one day course will explore the many types, causes and functions of self-harm and suggest practical and effective ways in which staff might provide support in a safe and effective way.

Severe Mental Health Conditions > Supporting People with Severe Mental Health Conditions: This two day course for support staff and their managers focuses on the support needs of people experiencing severe mental health conditions such as bi polar disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions.

Suicide > Working With Suicide and Self-Harm: This one day course will introduce delegates to the essential knowledge and basic skills with which to support people at risk of suicide or self-harm.

Suicide and Risk > Suicide Risk Assessment for Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Suicidal distress is a complex phenomena that exists along a spectrum ranging from hopeless feelings and thoughts of death, through to active planning and suicidal acts that can end life.

Telephone Skills > Telephone Skills and Mental Health: This one day course is designed for staff at all levels who work with people on the phone who are stressed, distressed, confused or angry, or who have mental health problems. We examine the different ways in which calls can be challenging, and look at the possible causes of these issues.

Young People > Understanding Self-Harm in Young People: This one day course will explore the many types, causes and functions of self-harm in young people and will suggest practical effective ways in which to respond in a safe and effective manner.

Looking for something different? Contact us to find out how we can develop a bespoke course for your organisation’s needs.

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