Confidentiality, Friendship and Disclosure: Boundaries and Good Practice at Work

Course overview

This training for support staff takes a practical and realistic view of how to manage professional boundaries and maintain the highest standards of good practice in the support setting. Built around the real day to day challenges faced by frontline workers and service users, this course provides a valuable opportunity to reflect upon and clarify the cornerstones of safe and effective professional support.  This training is designed for staff who need to look again at how to manage boundaries, or who wish to update their general knowledge of this subject.

Course content

  • What is ‘good practice’?
  • What constitutes a professional approach to support work?
  • What are professional boundaries?
  • The legal aspects of good practice: equalities and safeguarding
  • The principles of social care work: theory and practice
  • Common boundary issues encountered in support work, with both service users and colleagues
  • Options to consider when managing boundaries
  • What can I do if boundaries are crossed?
  • Managing the relationship with the service user: the nature of the relationship, being friendly, personal disclosure, confidentiality
  • Boundaries and service user involvement
  • Staff codes of practice and conduct
  • Boundaries and good practice case studies


Training methods

Case studies

Group work

Trainer presentations

Handouts and resources list





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